2021: A year in review

2021 was definitely a wild year. It showed all the flames, but we made it here by some miracle. Here is my review and my thoughts

#ClubDima – What Even Is That?

So… you’ve stumbled onto social media after a good night’s sleep, wash your face, brew some tea, and pull out your phone to see who was dragged the night before. To your surprise and bewilderment, you’ve read that the good people on the TL were having the time of their lives in some phantom club, …

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An Assorted End

There is never a good way to say goodbye,but things come to an end in some form or fashion. An Assorted End from Loudima.Dreamer

An Assorted Break

I’m here to share a few choice words and thought about everything that’s going on right now in this mad 2020.

My Watch Has Ended

…learning to get back into the swing of things isn’t so easy after all. My hiatus is complete

The Prelude to 23

I’m excited to officially announce this new 17 instrument Lo-Fi EP, entitled 23, dropping on 11 March 2019.