#ClubDima – What Even Is That?

So… you’ve stumbled onto social media after a good night’s sleep, wash your face, brew some tea, and pull out your phone to see who was dragged the night before. To your surprise and bewilderment, you’ve read that the good people on the TL were having the time of their lives in some phantom club, and now you find yourself asking, “WHAT THE F*** IS THIS #CLUBDIMA?”

Well… I don’t have all the answers for you either, but let me tell you a story. At the beginning of lockdown in 2020, I saw international acts and DJs starting to do shows online, so I thought to do this on my Instagram Live. And thus #ClubDima was born. With what i had, I needed to figure out a way to have clear sound at the very least, and somewhere people can also interact with the music. It worked the first few times with varying results, but ultimately had to be abandoned due to copyright restrictions on Instagram. The concept worked, I just needed the right platform. I tried Youtube & Twitch, those didn’t work for what I needed either.

Fast forward to 2021 and this thing called Clubhouse pops into life. From a technical perspective, it does what I need. People can listen live and don’t even need to be actively on their phone, its simple, it works. It been amazing to look back at the progress an feedback from the past few sessions. Some will say its not a real experience, but what is even real anymore? In a world ruled with likes, followers and hashtags… in a whole pandemic that could last for years? I try not to think about it too much, all i’m doing is the same thing i’ve been doing for more than a decade, making people happy through music.

There are things I want to do that are gonna blow people away, and I can’t wait to show people how far the concept can go. It’s going to be amazing. If you’ve gotten this far, thank you reading all the random words i’ve put together. As reward, Here are the links to the different shows i’ve recorded thus far

ClubDima [21-06-19]

ClubDima [21-06-20]

ClubDima [21-07-02] Part 1

ClubDima [21-07-02] Part 2

ClubDima [21-07-03] Part 1

ClubDima [21-07-03] Part 2

ClubDima [21-07-03] Part 3

I’m not sure how long the show will last, but we’ll have fun while it does, whatever happens. Stay well folks, take care of yourselves