2021: A year in review

What has this year even been? I’ve been sitting here pondering, wondering how to string what has happened into something that makes sense. Because, this year has been like a season of The Office after Michael Scott leaves. There are moments, but it’s just not the same.

Being able to move and do things in this Panasonic has been taxing, it’s been a challenge. We’ve lost too many… yet we’ve found the resolve and inner strength to power through it. I’m thankful to the friends and family I called on for support, I’m truly blessed in this regard.

It would be wrong of me to begin this series of deconstructed thought, without a mention to ClubDima. The way that everything aligned for me to do it, is a story on its own. I was just happy playing music, but I could have never imagined the impact and the reach it had. It’s the strangers asking if the guy from Clubhouse and thanking me for the time. Beyond the analytics, being able to give people a reprieve from whatever they were going through at the time in their lives, brings me immense joy. I couldn’t be more thankful to everyone who tuned in, who made it a vibe, who sent tips, who danced in the silence. You’re the real MVPs.

To my peers, thank you for inspiring me and giving me hope. For the most part, I’ve sat this year out from creative projects, but it’s beautiful to see what the other kids are doing. From international shows and features, to national campaigns, just being able to put your work out, and express yourselves in these times. I hope we continue to converse, to inspire each other, and to break down every boundary put in front of us. The world needs to see more of what NAM has got to give.

After a year of reflection, I don’t know what 2022 holds for me. I’ve always been a hidden force in the background. I’m happy in that place, I feel hopeful that I’ll be in the spaces to shape destiny and take steps towards my next Saiyan form. Moves will be made. Tables will shake. Shots will be shot. All with thought and purpose. Massive thanks to everyone who has supported my craft. I wouldn’t be here without you.

And I almost forgot!! I got nominated for a whole literary award this year ?? it’s been a wild year.