wishful dreaming


My first official release of 2023 is out now. I call it wishful dreaming, an exploration into mellow, lo-fi, and modern sounds.

I like the fact that music is fluid, and there is a space for everything. I’ve always been one to fuse different sounds, and I took the time to learn and bring in new sounds into my production. My interest with amapiano has always been in the DJ aspect of my work, not as much in my production. The log drum has slowly been taking over the global soundscape, and has been in a lot of popular music.

The first track, “dancing in the dark” is a combination of down tempo lo-fi, and the piano sounds . The second, “morning hours” is a more traditional lo-fi hip hop tune. The entire project has my melancholic sound, and I hope that you enjoy it. The single is out on Spotify, Apple Music, Soundcloud, and where ever you stream your music. The version on my Bandcamp page has an exclusive 3rd track.