Assorted Crates

From Hip Hop, Afrobeat, House & Future Beats, this weekly mix by Loudima.Dreamer brings the fire every Friday

Assorted Crates #166

The day is finally here, the overdue return of Assorted Crates, back from a force hiatus.

Assorted Crates #165

It began in Africa. Assorted Crates 165 celebrating the sounds from the diaspora in a bumper mix show.

Assorted Crates #164

Bounce along to some RnB & Pop tunes with the 164th edition of Assorted Crates.

Assorted Crates #162

Recorded live at the Kasi Vibe Festival, Assorted Crates 162 explores the crossover between urban and African sounds, vibes and music.

Assorted Crates #161

It’s the return of the Assorted Crates. Time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show.

Assorted Crates #160

There is something about spring that rejuvenates, and my 160th mix is a breathe of fresh air.

Assorted Crates #159

October is a good time to share some love and good vibes, Assorted Crates 159 has a bit of both. Sit back, relax, and enjoy

Assorted Crates #158

Everything comes together with a little blend of all the good tunes. Assorted Crates 158 brings club sounds to you

Assorted Crates #157

Put your hands to the sky, it’s a celebration of music from Kanye West for this week’s Assorted Crates.