Retribution: The Proof of Concept

SOOO… i did a thing–a while ago.

I had a few ideas for the music i wanted to make this year, and I don’t think i’ve lived up to it. Blame it on the depression-induced apathy, or a legit creative block, or just me overthinking things… but here we are. I still have ideas, and i’m thankful i’m in a better space to work on them now. Before I get derailed, there is a point to all of this.

I started working on this instrumental in January of 2021, and played it for a few people in its varies forms. As nice as it is/was, i could never get over the feeling it was either missing something, or I did too much to it, it sounded all over the place, like I had squeezed two or three ideas together into some Voltron-type beat. IT MADE NO SENSE!

Like I said before, I have an idea of what it is I want to be making and for that to happen, I need a clean slate. So here I am to share it. I call it Retribution