An Assorted Break

If you’re reading this, I hope you’re doing well, feeding your soul and keeping your head above the water. One can only be positive to a certain extent with a clear lens on life. However, the aim has always been to persevere through the struggle. Siri, play Laugh Now, Cry Later
Personally, I had vision of how my 2020 would look like: The things I’d get to experience and how I’d go about sharing my music and showcasing my craft. It’s reasonable to expect a few potholes along the road, but to find the whole damn bridge swept by a tsunami has been a different experience entirely.
I thought Tiger King would be the most scandalous story I’d come across in 2020… the lies! It’s still top five, though, and Carole Baskin still runs the biggest racket of them all.
I’ve always been someone who reciprocates energy, and that’s what I thrive off when I DJ. I have a handful of friends and an endless list of acquaintances to thank for random interactions. You have no idea how much that fuels me and my creative energy. The lockdown may have helped some people, but for me, it was the reason why live streaming during lockdown was a double-edged sword. In a club or at a party, you’re in community.
There is that guy on his fifth beer who thinks he can dance but should probably go home. There is someone who’ll come request Ariana Grande while I’m playing N*ggas in Paris. Interaction. Unfortunately, a screen and floating hearts can’t match that. Something similar applies to my Assorted Crates. I had all my mixes and special guests planned out in January – all the way to October. The growth would have been beautiful. It still has been… but at the same time, it has been a draining experience and some weeks, I have nothing to give.
I’ve put a lot of myself out there for the past 124 Assorted Crates, with some breaks here and there… and each of those breaks have been to refill the well, but it’s not bottomless and that effects everything else.
I’ve always made it a point to keep my mental health and emotional wellbeing in check, and my lust for life alive. My good friend Lynn keeps reminding me: “Loudima, we are living through a pandemic; it’s okay not to be okay.” I’m thankful. Windhoek is out of winter, which means it’s summer now. What will 2021 have for all of us? What will I do for my birthday? Will Carole get jail time? Who knows?
Shifting my mind to focus on being ready and purposeful has helped. Time waits for no one and you can’t get it back. That doesn’t mean it’s over. A start will always spark new beginnings. I’m ready for my push to greatness. In closing, many thanks to the handful of friends, the endless list of acquaintances and my 15 fans for the support. I’m looking forward to putting out Assorted Crates 142 on New Year’s Eve.