Assorted Crates

From Hip Hop, Afrobeat, House & Future Beats, this weekly mix by Loudima.Dreamer brings the fire every Friday

Assorted Crates #135

for the love of hip hop, old and new. Tunes to sit back and relax to for this weeks Assorted Crates 135

Assorted Crates #134

Nostalgia driven sounds fill this week’s Assorted Crates, with 80s-90s inspired Disco and Pop music. The time to dance is now

Assorted Crates #133

Beginning the summer with the sounds of trap music, new and out, sweet and sour. The kaleidoscope, Assorted Crates 133

Assorted Crates #132

Nothing heals and rejuvenates like house music. If you’re in need of an escape, trust Assorted Crates 132 to fill the void.

Assorted Crates #128

Come through for the mood music and chilled vibes. a mix of hip hop, R&B and some trap to bounce to.