Assorted Crates #192

Another trip around the sun for me, another trip to good vibes and tunes in this week’s Assorted Crates 192.

In the famous words of The Notorious, “Birthday’s used to be the worst days.” We are here now and better for it. I’m thankful to have seen some many lives. Birthdays are an interesting period in time for reflection, a new year within a new year. I’m thankful I’ve made it this far with the support I have. Let me get back to task here, before I get sentimental.

This bumper mix here has a lot of me in the selection of songs. It also helps that it’s filled with bangers across many genres and eras. Where ever you are, I hope you vibe and enjoy this one. Assorted Crates is LIVE, now on Apple Podcasts and Soundcloud.