EP1: Dawn by Loudima.Dreamer


This is a story of ones understanding where they are, trying to figure out where they want to be, and how we aim to get there. This is EP1: Dawn.

What walls need to be broken down? what realisations do need to internalise, process? What's stopping us from our goals? What have we been stumbling on? What have we ignored? What has been embraced? What does the spirit in you say the loudest?


  1. Here We Stand ft Ashwyn Mberi
  2. Ghost Stories ft Metamorph
  3. Day Dream ft Playshis
  4. Knightmare ft The Boy Jay, Metamorph & Sky Sam
  5. Phantoms ft Playshis
  6. Fractured Signs ft Metamorph

All tracks produced, mixed, and mastered by Loudima.Dreamer

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