That Missing Episode

For those that know and those that don’t, I’ve fallen behind and missed one thing this month of September. That Missing Episode of Made In Loudima.

Before there was Assorted Crates, there was Made In Loudima, a monthly mix of feels and eclectic sounds. I honestly wouldn’t call it a mix, it’s more of a mood board for sounds. It’s been my thing since January 2017, without fail, I’ve shared a new episode every first Tuesday of the month. It’s been my labour of love, and it officially ends in December.

The Missing Episode

So to the big question, why was episode 21 delayed/cancelled. There are a number of reasons but In a nutshell, some serious, others are more random but legit none the less. My personal life and experiences are what have fuelled all the episodes, and each one generally has a theme and story to it. My vision for the finale has been grand, and in throwing around ideas, I want to do something bigger with the last 4 episodes, like how your favourite show would have a climax towards the end of the season with cliffhanger ending. I want to do that, but with music. So please bear with me, it’s going to be amazing.

There are a couple of things I want to get done before the year is done, but with regards to Made In Loudima, expect Episode 21 on October 2 2018, followed on Episode 22 on October 16 2018, Episode 23 on November 6 2018, and the finale on December 4th 2018.

I’m not sure what comes after that, Made In Loudima will officially be in hiatus at the end of Season 2, pending renewal from our parent network (that’s a TV thing, I play too much.) Assorted Crates will still continue, the aim is 100 weeks. I’ll see how that goes but, I’m already a third of the way there.

General Updates: I’m moving this site to a new domain soon, trying to sort of those logistics, plotting and scheming, that kind of thing. All shall be well

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