Assorted Crates #167

It’s that time of year once again. Yes, it is officially my birthday month… and I’ve put together a mix of everything under the sun.

It is about 4am at the time of writing this. I most likely will not come back to make edits, so do bare with my train of thought. I’ve been sick for most of the week, dealt with a personal loss the week before. I really debated whether or not i was going to put this out or re-record the whole mix. Perhaps it was the weird sleep cycle or the medication, but waking up at midnight was the inspiration I needed.

The mix for this Friday starts off with some old school hip hop jams, dipping into the sounds of R&B, dance hall, and afrobeat. I really do hope that you enjoy the tunes. This mix is also on my SoundCloud page if that’s more up your alley. My other links live here. Be safe out there folks, and have a good time