Assorted Crates #166

The day is finally here, the overdue return of Assorted Crates, back from a force hiatus.

Sorry for the wait. I felt like I was building momentum after my last break, only for my laptop to get damaged on a random night. I quite literally ran the risk of losing everything. After after 2 months of sourcing parts and having it fixed, I’m still emotional about it, I’m still paranoid about it… I’ll figure it out. I’m just glad I can share what I love to do.

I’ll have to get back into my cycle, meaning the next mix may only be up towards the end of September. My perspective on my craft has shifted, and I have other things to put in motion right now.

For today, I’ve put together a 199 minute behemoth of a mix, mostly house music but a good blend of things. Take care and enjoy the tunes.