Assorted Crates #170

I’m getting back in the habit of dropping these more frequently, and the mixes being more curated as opposed to random club mixes

Assorted Crates #169

November’s first unscheduled mix is up and ready to go. Will some chilled sounds for a summer afternoon.

Assorted Crates #168

Back to my irregularly scheduled programing, I’m closing October off with a new addition and edition to Assorted Crates.

Assorted Crates #167

It’s that time of year once again. Yes, it is officially my birthday month… and I’ve put together a mix of everything under the sun.

Assorted Crates #166

The day is finally here, the overdue return of Assorted Crates, back from a force hiatus.

Assorted Crates #165

It began in Africa. Assorted Crates 165 celebrating the sounds from the diaspora in a bumper mix show.

Assorted Crates #164

Bounce along to some RnB & Pop tunes with the 164th edition of Assorted Crates.

Assorted Crates #162

Recorded live at the Kasi Vibe Festival, Assorted Crates 162 explores the crossover between urban and African sounds, vibes and music.

Assorted Crates #161

It’s the return of the Assorted Crates. Time to sit back, relax and enjoy the show.