How does this thing work?

In life, it takes me forever to start things, but once I get a groove going I’m in it. So I ask, how does this thing work?

I’ve been planning, plotting, and putting this site together for what feels like forever, I am so glad this is finally seeing the light of day. I digress. Welcome to the official (and sometimes parody) site of Loudima.Dreamer, where all my media will live. All my mixes, beats, edits, remixes, original work, and videos, all the things are here.

I wrote that last line, realising that some people reading this won’t get the “Ola babies” reference, which is fine, it’s a global thing, can’t expect the world to know what’s in my Whatsapp.

Moving along swiftly to the “mission and vision” of this whole thing. I wanted to have a central hub for everything I do with my art, and for people who might miss things I post on social media, because I don’t like spamming folks day in, day out. I’ll figure this out as I go along, this blog section is going to get super weird but I’ll try keep my mind away from parallel lines of trains of thought. Blog post 1 done and dusted, time to go get some food and make beats while I brainstorm over the next post.

Love and Light to you, stay blessed folks