Fruitful Thoughts

I’d like to think I’ve taken the week off in a creative way, admin and other things have taken up the time but in general, it’s been a rest week for Loudima.Dreamer. The aim this year was to put something out every week, so I’ve taken in some heart shaped herb, and want to share some food for thought, or fruitful thoughts, whatever really.

In this, my year of content, I’m supposed to be putting out a generic mix a week, putting a new beat up on my instagram every week, and my main Made In Loudima mix up every first Tuesday of the month. The latter comes out in a little over a week, but this is the first week I’ve skipped the first two. I could put it down to general fatigue, not just creative. Everyone needs a break a times, stop, reassess goals, be lazy, a million reasons, but you only ever need one.

I want to share an experience that I’ve had this week, that made me reflect on my work. A friend of mine had asked me what success meant to. Success is really objective, it can be what ever you want it to be. I internalise success as gratification, how the end product makes me feel, and how it makes other people feel. Using the example of EP1: Dawn, that was a success to me for two reasons. The first being from a project management point of view. I found gratification and happiness in the fact that I set a date for its release, managed to get this EP, a body of work I’m proud of, on every major online store and streaming service on the date I set. I even created a store on this website for people to buy it cash. To be honest, I don’t expect a lot of people to support it like that, probably not even the next 3-4 projects I plan to put out this year. Point is, that it will live forever, have given the chance to 7 billion people to hear me. The successful end to this exercise makes me happy. I’m happy that the music resonates with people, and it touched them as well. It’s one of the greatest gifts I could ever give anyone.

I feel proud and honoured to be in within the Namibian creative space, above and beyond just music. Art, film, performance. I’m surrounding myself with more creatives, and everyone is contributing to this bonfire we have going, it’s beautiful, and it inspires me everyday I wake up. Look forward to what comes next.

Love and Light to you and yours

Sidenote, for those in Windhoek on February 28th, I may or may not be djing in the Boiler Room at Warehouse Theatre. Ok bye.