2018: The Year Of The Content

First off merry new year, compliments to the new year. Thankful to still be here, with the ability to build on my craft and my passions. 2018 holds many things, none of them promised, but my plan is to showcase more of what I do best.

In this digital age, content is king and consistency is the right hand man who cleans up the mess when needed. Have I successfully philosophised my year plan? That’s debatable, but a plan is a plan, and I plan to do so much more, and do so consistently.

assorted cratesAlong with the remaining Made In Loudima episodes for the year (11 episodes left this season), I’ll be starting a new weekly mix series called “Assorted Crates,” that should be out every Thursday (or Friday, when I finally make up my mind). It’ll be a mix bag of music, different genres from week to week, and more in line with what I play during my DJ sets, which is a little different from my Made In Loudima sets, that are more concept driven and thought out.

The other things I want to do this year, more collaboration, more shows, my production work. I have a few things lined up that I’d rather not disclose right now, but the opportunities are promising and I look forward to the challenges. Oh, and definitely more blogging, I feel like it’s a good way to track progress and goals. Keep an eye out on my social media for more frequent updates though.

To close off, I just wanna day thanks to literally everyone who is reading this, who have heard my music and/or mixes, have been to a show or just said hi. It’s all appreciated, even the little things. I have a show on January 27th at the Loft, and a February 13 release date for new music, more on that at a later stage. Until then, love and light to you and yours

TL/DR: I’m doing the most this year, new weekly mix series, want to do more shows, more music, more things happening. Show January 27, new music February 13. Oh, and you’re fucking awesome.